Sigma Chi

In December 2012, Sigma Chi designated the Huntsman Cancer Foundation as its sole preferred philanthropic partner. On April 12, 2013, Sigma Chi members presented the one-millionth dollar raised for cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute to Significant Sig and Order of Constantine Sig Jon M. Huntsman, Sr., PENNSYLVANIA 1959. On June 15, 2015, Sigma Chi made the largest commitment by a men’s fraternity with a 10 million dollar pledge to Huntsman Cancer Foundation. To date, Sigma Chi has raised over 5 million dollars towards this pledge and the 6th floor of the Huntsman Cancer Hospital has been named the Sigma Chi International Fraternity 6th Floor to honor their commitment.

The Derby Challenge

The Derby Challenge is an online competition between the chapters of Sigma Chi. Chapter winners are announced each year at Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. The Challenge runs annually from August 1 to July 31.

Philanthropy has always been an integral part of Sigma Chi, with the undergraduates taking up the rallying cry of becoming “The Generation to End Cancer”. This partnership with Sigma Chi is significant because college students across the world are directly affecting the lives of others through their fundraising efforts each year. These young men are facilitating workshops, events, and campaigns that reach outside of the Mountain West region of the United States to involve people from all walks of life in the fight against cancer.

Sigma Chi alumni can get involved by going to to support your local chapter. For more information regarding Sigma Chi and its relationship to Huntsman Cancer Foundation please contact

2015-2016 20K/50K club inductees:

50K Club 

  • University of Utah - Beta Epsilon Chapter: $66,806.65
  • Loyola University of Chicago - Lambda Nu: $52,278.06

20K Club

  • University of Denver - Delta Iota Chapter: $43,453.00
  • Georgia Southern University - Eta Zeta Chapter: $37,480.00
  • George Washington University - Epsilon Chapter: $35,505.06
  • Oklahoma State University - Gamma Delta Chapter: $35,000.00
  • University of Cincinnati - Zeta Psi Chapter: $34,966.14
  • American University - Kappa Rho Chapter: $29,369.03
  • University of New Haven - Lambda Epsilon Chapter: $28,090.00
  • University of Pennsylvania - Phi Phi Chapter: $28,022.00
  • California State Poly Pomona - Theta Sigma Chapter: $26,218.00
  • Boise State University - Lambda Xi Chapter: $25,865.78
  • Southern Methodist University - Delta Mu Chapter: $24,945.00
  • California State University San Marcos - Mu Beta Chapter: $24,927.29
  • Cornell University - Alpha Phi Chapter: $24,392.76
  • Florida Gulf Coast University - Lambda Zeta Chapter: $24,009.82
  • Santa Clara University - Lambda Gamma Chapter: $23,510.25
  • Pennsylvania State University - Alpha Chi Chapter: $22,510.11
  • University of California San Diego - Delta Gamma: $22,055.71
  • Florida International University - Lambda Iota Chapter: $20,811.36
  • University of California Davis - Theta Omicron Chapter: $20,803.00
  • Butler University - Rho Chapter: $20,661.01
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Delta Psi Chapter: $20,625.62
  • Southern Utah University - Kappa Iota Chapter: $20,453.01
  • Rochester Institute of Technology - Lambda Kappa Chapter: $20,325.00
  • Ohio State University - Alpha Gamma Chapter $20,025.00
  • Northern Arizona University - Zeta Omicron Chapter: $20,000.00
  • University of Texas Austin - Alpha Nu Chapter: $20,000.00