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Huntsman Cancer Foundation
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Salt Lake City, UT 84108

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Volunteer Services
Huntsman Cancer Institute Hospital
1950 Circle of Hope, Room 1110
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801-587-4050 (Office)
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In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Huntsman Cancer Foundation has implemented guidance from the State of Utah, its Department of Health, the University of Utah, and the Centers for Disease Control. During this time, we will observe limited in-person office hours and be continuing to operate remotely. To learn more go to

All business operations continue in order to advance the lifesaving work of Huntsman Cancer Institute. In this uncertain time, we are grateful for your continued robust support. More than ever, your support is needed. To make a donation, please visit: If you need to visit with foundation staff in person, please contact us at 801-584-5800. We will make sure we are available to assist you.

As Jon Huntsman so often said, “Cancer moves fast. And we need to move faster.”

Thank you for your understanding.

We imagine a time when cancer is no longer the leading cause of death for people under age 85. We envision a time when cancer is eradicated altogether. Thanks to research, many forms of cancer are now prevented entirely or diagnosed in their earliest, most treatable stages. Thanks to research, new treatments and interventions exist for advanced cancers.

By funding efforts to better understand the beginnings of cancer and more effectively treat cancer, you help relieve suffering and improve the quality of life for cancer patients, survivors, and their families when you give.