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Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF) was founded by the Jon and Karen Huntsman family in 1995. HCF’s singular mission is to guarantee the future of cutting-edge research at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). Thanks to the support of our community of donors and fundraisers, advancements at HCI pave the way for new clinical trials, safer and more effective treatments, and hope for an end to cancer.

By funding efforts to understand the beginnings of cancer better and more effectively treat cancer, you help relieve suffering and improve the quality of life for cancer patients, survivors, and their families.

Why Support HCF?

It’s natural to wonder how a single donation, big or small, makes a difference when it comes to something as big as cancer research.  But the reality is that it does. One hundred percent of every donation goes directly to support the mission of HCI.  With each show of support, we get closer to a new discovery, ease the pain of families, and offer new hope for the future.

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 Our Research 


Talks with Docs: Robert Judson-Torres, Melanoma Researcher

"Any human disease is so complicated that in order to really have the best care for patients as well as sort of pushing the envelope on research, you need experts in all of it," says melanoma researcher Robert Judson-Torres, PhD. In this Talks with Docs video, he explains why he wanted to become a cancer researcher, what he hopes his melanoma research will accomplish, and why Indiana Jones is his inspiration.


Tumor Gene Test Could Help to Predict Ovarian Cancer Prognosis

A global team of medical researchers led by University of New South Wales have developed a test that could help to predict survival for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and pave the way towards personalized treatment.

Huntsman Cancer Institute's Jennifer Doherty, PhD, served as a senior author on this study. 

With the assistance of an External Scientific Advisory Board of the nation’s best cancer experts, HCI’s senior leadership annually evaluates how to invest philanthropic funds to provide the most significant impact on advancing cancer research programs. You can rest assured that HCI will utilize your donation in the most responsible, accountable way.

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