February 6, 2019

What’s love got to do with Huntsman Cancer?


Since our founding in 1993 by Jon and Karen Huntsman, the cancer institute has been nourished by an army of supporters who want to ease the burden of this dreaded disease because of love for all who suffer from cancer.  Our generous community has embodied love as the number of supporters has swelled to 1 million.

When you google the word “philanthropy,” you are served up synonyms such as benevolence, altruism, brotherly love, and selflessness.  Today we had a record-setting snowstorm.  When I arrived at work, I saw that Director of Nursing Services, Sue Childress, skied to work today.  Her neighborhood had not yet been plowed.  She loves her job.  And she loves our patients.  So on went the skis, and she glided to work.

On the anniversary of Jon Huntsman’s passing, February 2, University of Utah Men’s Basketball Coach Krystkowiak expressed his love for Jon by challenging Utes fans to support Huntsman Cancer Institute with a matching gift challenge grant of $100,000.  Thank you, Coach K.

Today I read the OutClimb Cancer event page for the team The Cancer Curesaders. In its fourth year, OutClimb is a thrilling 24-story stair climb to the top of the Wells Fargo Center in downtown Salt Lake.  It is an entirely volunteer event and the brilliant brainchild of Beth Thomas-Rosswog and John Rosswog, (two of my heroes). The event will be held March 2.  The Cancer Curesaders have already raised $1,650 toward a goal of $1,000.  The messages for the team from donors include such reminders as, “for my friend Brenda, my brother, my dad.  All survivors!”   

And today I also read the event page for Little Red Riding Hood’s upcoming cycling event, a fundraiser scheduled for June 1, 2019.  Lauren Bishop’s team, Tumor Raiders, has already raised $2,265 toward a goal of $1,000.  Donors entered messages to Lauren such as, “Love you and the cause,” and “#mattisloved.”

As I write this message on a very snowy day, we are all basking in the warmth of your love for our treasured cancer institute. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Susan Sheehan
President and COO
Huntsman Cancer Foundation