September 12, 2018

With the completion of the LOTOJA (Logan, UT to Jackson, WY) cycling event this past weekend, our series of endurance athletic events closes for the 2018 calendar year.  In all, these intrepid runners, cyclists, skiers, and high rise climbers raised $1,243,849 this year.  Wow!  Look at what we accomplish when we unite around a common passion to eradicate cancer from the face of the earth.  You are our cherished Huntsman Heroes.  Thank you.

As we endured and pushed ourselves past our individual limits, we did so thanks to our teams, our coaches, our donors, our families and all of those we love.  We rose early in freezing temperatures to fit in training runs together.  We gutted out rides in the face of brutal, hot desert winds.  We ascended and descended steamy stairwells while our muscles screamed and our hearts pounded.  Our inspiration?  The cancer patient.  Every Huntsman Hero had a reason to help. 

ppc1-th.jpg outclimb-th.jpg h140-th.jpg h5k-th.jpg
Pink Park City Outclimb Cancer Huntsman 140 Huntsman 5k

Along the way, some of our Heroes received a cancer diagnosis of their own.  Some of our patients were lost to this horrible disease.  But we carried on.  Always advancing and moving forward.  And always making a difference when it comes to funding research.  Cancer research brings new treatment options to the patient bedside.  Here is just a partial list of what our donors helped make possible this year:

  • 124 investigator-initiated clinical trials were available to HCI patients last year alone. These trials, based on the original ideas of HCI researchers, provide unique insights needed to move treatment advances forward.  
  • Prostate cancer highlight: A new study by HCI researchers identified a biomarker that may provide clues about more effective treatment approaches for certain prostate cancer patients. (JAMA Oncology, Feb 2017)
  • Blood cancer highlight: HCI researchers identified two gene regions that contribute to a type of inherited multiple myeloma, a cancer that occurs in the bone marrow, using large family trees to pin down the genetic changes that arise among those who carry this type of the disease. This study also demonstrated that family trees can be used to pin down genes that contribute to complex diseases, and this approach may help shed light on other cancers or health conditions. (PLOS Genetics, Feb 2018)
  • Breast cancer highlight: A study by HCI observed how breast cancer tumors change over time, and demonstrated that changes within tumors as a patient progresses through treatment may contribute to why some cancers become treatment resistant. The ultimate goal for the researchers is to understand what is happening in a patient’s tumor in as close to real time as possible, to predict what will happen next, and to adjust treatment accordingly. Clinical trials are planned to build upon this work. (Nature Communications, Aug 2017)

Thank you to our Huntsman Heroes, and to all of our contributors.  As Jon M. Huntsman said, “Cancer moves fast.  And we have to move faster.”  With that in mind, we open registration for our endurance fundraising events for the 2019 calendar year October 1, 2018.  Our first Saturday training run is October 27, 2018.  We hope you will join us.


With gratitude,

Susan Sheehan
President and COO
Huntsman Cancer Foundation