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November 12, 2019

Every week I have a favorite work task. It entails a review of gifts received that week and writing personal thank you letters to our most loyal donors. The average gift we receive is $25. This support really adds up and helps us launch new cancer research projects that cost a minimum of $75,000 each to launch. We are so grateful.

We are fortunate to have thousands of supporters who give over and over again. We all share the aspiration that we will find new cures, new ways to diagnose early, and new ways to prevent cancer altogether. And so we get out our checkbook or our credit card, and we make a gift. We each do what we can to support our cause every chance we have. Thank you!

And I know we all wish that we could do even more. Week by week, we witness the terrible toll cancer takes from us all. This week my family will place my father-in-law’s remains to rest at the Spanish Fork Cemetery – another loved one lost to cancer. My childhood best friend, my father, my aunt, and oh so many more.

So we want to make you aware of another way to help. Deferred gifts allow you to provide legacy support to cancer research – perhaps even greater support than might be possible through cash gifts provided during your lifetime. A planned gift will enable Huntsman Cancer Foundation to carry forward the work and causes you care about far into the future. These gifts may be in the form of bequests, life insurance, qualified insurance plans, real estate, or family limited partnerships. Life-Income Gifts enable you to contribute to Huntsman Cancer while retaining the annual income generated by your gift. These gifts include charitable remainder trusts, annuities, and pooled income funds, among others.

If it feels like a fit for you and supports your overall life goals, would you consider adding Huntsman Cancer Foundation as a beneficiary to your estate plans? If you have not had a will prepared yet (and so many of us love to procrastinate on this particular but important task) Huntsman Cancer Foundation has partnered with FreeWill to provide you with a legal will for no fee. If you choose to use the FreeWill tool, you are in no way obligated to designate any portion of your estate to Huntsman Cancer. To begin, go to

We are so grateful for your generous support and for considering a planned gift from your estate. They are gifts that when finally unwrapped, quite literally will give another the opportunity to look forward to a life free of cancer. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kind regards,


Susan Sheehan
President and COO
Huntsman Cancer Foundation