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June 2020

Ah! This beautiful weather!

We all seem to want to be outside to relish the change of season. I love to garden and get my hands into rich, loamy soil. Raking, turning the soil, weeding, and trimming are cherished rites each spring. After years of patience and careful tending, my perennials are showstoppers. Their roots run deep so they are resilient to the Rocky Mountains’ fickle springs.

The same can be said for Huntsman Cancer Foundation donors. YOU are our showstoppers. A pandemic tried hard to stop you from caring about cancer research. It tried to distract you. But you are unstoppable. Hundreds of you have persevered in supporting cancer research. You have mailed donations, made them online, and worked with your friends, family, and networks to keep cancer research moving forward. You have cycled and clocked your personal best against fierce headwinds, so steadfast in your support of cancer patients. You have run through pain and sweated and Skyped. You have revised, flipped the script, and revised again so that your friend in treatment knew you wouldn’t back down.

You are our heroes. You are our cherished Huntsman Heroes. Your passion to eradicate cancer was seeded by your love for others. And those roots run deep. THANK YOU.


With gratitude,


Susan Sheehan
President and COO
Huntsman Cancer Foundation