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Headlines for Hope - Spring 2020

Headlines for Hope is a quarterly newsletter, highlighting the latest achievements at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), patient stories, opportunities to get involved, and other exciting news from our monthly digital newsletter. We hope you will enjoy receiving this communication with the knowledge that you are essential in our fight to eradicate cancer.


Susan Sheehan, President and COO, Huntsman Cancer Foundation

HCF President's Message

Susan Sheehan, President and COO, Huntsman Cancer Foundation offers insight
on how HCI is continuing to conduct research in new and innovative ways, and
provide the very best care to our patients, keeping their safety top of mind. With
the COVID-19 pandemic, we face difficult and uncertain times, but we remain
committed to fulfilling our mission to eradicate cancer from the face of the earth


Paving the Way for Indigenous Scholars

“The PathMaker Program definitely had a significant impact on my career path.
It was what opened the door to the research world and provided me with the
support I needed even after completing the program,” says Dominque Pablito.
“I learned that even though my internship ended, the relationships and contacts
I gained in the program did not. PathMaker has helped me in every step of my
career, and I will be forever be grateful.”


Cellular Machine Visualized to Yield New Insights in Cancer

Cellular machines that control chromosome structure, such as the RSC
complex, are mutated in about one-fifth of all human cancers. Now, for the first time, scientists have developed a high-resolution visual map of this multi-protein machine, elucidating how the RSC complex works and what role it has in healthy and cancer cells.


HCI Researcher Finds Possible Reason for Lung Cancer Driver

About one-third of lung cancer patients who have never smoked have a small portion of DNA missing in the gene called EGFR. This missing portion is a mutation that drives cancer and causes tumors. In a recent study, Lyska Emerson, MD, looked at the patterns of four non-mutated EGFR genes. She was in search of a “destabilizing DNA sequence.” This sequence could explain why that portion of the DNA—called the exon 19 deletion—goes missing in some people.

Making a Difference in Fundraising for Cancer Research

Heather Arauzo has volunteered for HCF for nearly a decade. She began as an aid station volunteer for the Huntsman Ride, an endurance bicycling event held each year in June. Even better, Heather was able to multiply her gift of time and talent by persuading her husband and five children to join her each year. This family affair has become a cherished tradition.


Huntsman Heroes raise funds to support cancer research

“My grandma is my motivation for continuing to make a difference. She is a stage four breast cancer survivor.  Believing that treatment of care for cancer is possible and that someone just needs the resources to help develop it, was incentive enough for me to decide to join the Huntsman Heroes team and help fundraise!”

--Becky Pogorzelski, Huntsman Hero 

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