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Message from Our Chairman and CEO


Peter Huntsman stands with cancer patients, donors, and researchers at Huntsman Cancer Foundation's 25th annual gala.

More than a year ago, I stood by my father's bedside as he breathed his last breaths and, with a heavy heart, bade him farewell.

I looked out the window just over his bed. At almost the exact elevation, less than two miles away, I saw the buildings that make up Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). Dad loved the businesses and was a master at his trade. However, HCI was his real passion. This was the dividend of a life well lived.

Following my father's passing, I have come to learn more of the caliber and quality of the wonderful staff and caregivers at HCI and the talented men and women at Huntsman Cancer Foundation as they continue their efforts to raise money and provide a future for HCI through their one-million-plus donors.

I have watched as my father's mantra, "Cancer moves fast, and we have to move faster," is embraced and embodied by all those who participate in this work. My father built a foundation of individuals and teams who are every bit as passionate as he was about finding a cure, caring for patients, and supporting the ongoing efforts of securing the future of HCI.

It is staggering to recollect the strides made at HCI, the leaps in discovery just in the last year alone. Two new inherited genes linked to multiple myeloma and advances in the study and treatment of pancreas cancer, critically needed due to low rates of survival, are just two examples. The past year also brought an exciting announcement: a 200,000-square-foot expansion of the cancer campus to address the growing need for inpatient services in our region and provide a greater focus on women's cancers. The Kathryn F. Kirk Center for Comprehensive Cancer Care and Women's Cancers will include "one-stop" services for women's cancers, 45 to 50 additional inpatient rooms, as well as expanded clinical, wellness, and survivorship services. We also broke ground on the Senator Orrin G. Hatch Center for Proton Therapy, bringing this innovative treatment option to our patients. Generous contributions from our community of donors have made it possible to continue this rapid expansion to better serve our patients.

How will we continue to move the needle in cancer research and discovery at an increasingly rapid pace? Together. With our doctors, researchers, care teams, nurses, staff, donors, patients, and their families, all in pursuit of one goal: an end to cancer. HCI is poised to be at the forefront of discoveries that will speed the pursuit. We are grateful to each of you for being with us as we steadfastly move forward.

Thank you all for making my father's dream a reality. There is simply no way that any of this could have been possible had it not been for each contribution, idea, and effort that has gone into creating Huntsman Cancer Institute.


Peter R. Huntsman
Chairman and CEO
Huntsman Cancer Foundation