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Spirituality is our connection with what exists beyond our physical experience. Spirituality is anything that provides ultimate meaning for you. It may or may not involve a specific religion. It can be a way to find hope and strength in difficult times. It can bring comfort and facilitate healing when coping with the impact of cancer. Huntsman Cancer Institute’s spiritual care team is here to support you and your loved ones. Our services are open to all.

Spiritual Self Care

Spiritual self-care refers to things you can do to nourish your spiritual well-being:

  • Practice being grateful for each day’s small blessings. Gratitude journals are available online and in print, upon request.
  • Find peace in silence and mindfulness.
  • If you are religious, try prayer or reading sacred writings of your faith.
  • Surround yourself with people, activities, and memories that bring you comfort or joy.
  • Seek the counsel of the chaplain or another spiritual mentor.
  • Enjoy a quiet moment in the Elyse Pantke White Chapel (located on the 5th floor of the cancer hospital, open all day, every day).
  • Explore the sacred texts and other spiritual materials offered in the chapel and the Cancer Learning Center (located on the 6th floor of the cancer hospital).

Services provided by the spiritual care team include the following:

  • An accepting, listening presence as you talk through this unsettling time
  • Help addressing spiritual concerns, religious beliefs, and ethical issues
  • Communication with your own spiritual leader or mentor
  • Access to spiritual literature and sacred writings
  • Spiritual counseling when discussing treatment goals and decision making
  • Religious sacraments such as Holy Communion and baptism
  • Spiritual rituals consistent with your unique spiritual journey and goals
  • Prayer and facilitated meditation

Religious Services:

  • LDS Sacrament Meeting: Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Cancer Learning Center Multipurpose Room 6th floor of the cancer hospital
  • Roman Catholic Mass: Fridays at noon Elyse Pantke White Chapel 5th floor of the cancer hospital

For more information about spiritual care and religious services, call 801-213-2484 or dial FAITH (3-2484) from a hospital phone.

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