Apr 15, 2015 10:00 AM

Author: Cancer Learning Center

Marilyn Williams is the owner of a very special miniature schnauzer: The Taz. Part of what makes The Taz so special is her work as a therapy animal visiting patients at Huntsman Cancer Institute’s Cancer Hospital. When Marilyn pulls out The Taz’s red scarf in the morning in preparation for visiting the cancer hospital, The Taz bounces around in excitement. The Taz loves to talk to everyone in her path once she arrives. Marilyn sees the tension leave patients as they interact with The Taz, which makes them laugh and smile.

Being a therapy animal handler is something Marilyn has always wanted to do. She believes The Taz was born to be a therapy pet. Right away, Marilyn saw a gentle calmness, even down to the animal’s quiet hospital bark. The Taz is able to recognize the needs of patients—whether it is interacting with them or just lying next to their bedside when they are not well enough to play.

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