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Hometown Heros

How do I register to become a Huntsman Hero (HH)?
To register for the Huntsman Heroes program, simply go to the HH registration page and click on 'Register Now.' The fee is $25 for each 5K participant, $35 for each marathon, half marathon, relay, bike tour, and LOTOJA participant. There is no fee for the "Choose Your Own Adventure" race option. All registration fees are non-refundable.

What is the "Choose Your Own Adventure" race option?
If you are unable to participate in any of the races that Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF) is offering, Choose Your Own Adventure is the option that allows you to still be a part of the Huntsman Heroes program and take advantage of a fundraising webpage, personal coaching, the team jersey, and the fun team training runs. Choose your own race and still raise funds for HCF. To signup, go to, select Choose You Own Adventure option and click on 'Register Now. We will credit the registration fee from your race of choice towards your fundraising total (5K - $200, Relay - $350, Marathon, Half Marathon, Bike Tour, etc. - $500).

What events are associated with the Huntsman Heroes program?

The Huntsman Heroes (HH) program has grown to include:

  • Salt Lake City Marathon events
  • Ogden Marathon events
  • Moab events (Skinny Tire Festival, Canyonlands Half Marathon, The Other Half)
  • Ragnar Relay - Wasatch Back
  • Utah Valley Marathon events
  • Huntsman 140
  • Huntsman 5K
  • Cache Gran Fondo
  • Timp Half

 The program continues to grow and expand and participants can register for any other endurance event of their choice (in state or out) and raise funds for Huntsman Cancer Foundation while training with the Huntsman Heroes team.

Can I participate in multiple HH events?
Yes. You are welcome to participate in as many HH events as you wish. You will be responsible for fundraising the minimum amount per event. For example, if you wanted to run the SLC marathon ($500 fundraising minimum) and participate in LOTOJA ($1,000 minimum), your total fundraising minimum would be $1,500 for both events. For more information, please contact our events team.

How do I get corporate donors involved?
You are more than welcome to approach businesses you think may be interested in donating to HCF through the HH program. If you have a company in mind, please contact our events team for further details and opportunities.

How do the checks I receive in-hand show up on my personal fundraising webpage?
Please gather as much information from your donor as possible (name, amount, mailing address, email, etc.) and make sure all checks are made out to Huntsman Cancer Foundation. You can then to turn it in in-person to any member of the HCF events staff at the training site or mail it in to:

Huntsman Cancer Foundation
Attn: Jen Murano
500 Huntsman Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Please include a note so we know who to credit the donations to. Once HCF events staff receives the funds you have raised, they will be entered onto your page.

When and where does the HH team meet for training?
Running: Saturday mornings, 8am, November–May; Sugarhouse Park (1300 East 2100 S, SLC UT) parking lot on south side

Cycling: Saturday mornings, start time varies, March–June; Highland High School (2166 S 1700 E, SLC UT)

What happens if I don't raise the fundraising minimum?
We have some great tools for you to help you reach your fundraising goal. Click here to access fundraising tools! In the event that you do not have the minimum amount raised by that date, you can choose to drop out of the HH program, agree to pay for the remaining balance due, or pay your own registration fee if applicable. All sign-up fees and donations are non-refundable.

Yes. There is a team discount of 10% for all registered Huntsman Heroes only at Wasatch Running Center (8946 S. State St., Sandy, UT 84070).

Why choose HH over just registering on my own?
The Huntsman Heroes program not only helps you train for your events, but also the opportunity to add that extra level of meaning by raising much-needed funds for cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute. In addition, HCF pays the registration fee for the event of your choice and gives you the opportunity to earn incentive items as a gift for your fundraising efforts. In turn, you're a hero for cancer research!

When do I have to have the minimum raised?f
All HH must reach the minimum amount ($200 for 5K participants, $350 for relays, $500 for marathon, half marathon, bike tour participants, $1,000 for LOTOJA, etc.) raised by the Friday before their respective events.

How do I raise the minimum?
When you sign-up for the HH program, you automatically receive your own fundraising webpage to track donations and can accept online donations. You are welcome to accept cash or checks (made out to Huntsman Cancer Foundation) as well. Click here for more fundraising ideas, videos and other fundraising tools to help you reach your fundraising goal!

When do I get my incentive items?
The fundraising deadline for all events is September 30th to earn any and all incentive items and you’ll receive your incentive items in October.

Does the team still train on Saturdays during bad weather?
We only cancel training events in the case of severe weather (e.g., icy conditions, slick pavement, strong winds, and extremely cold temperatures). Participants will have a weather hotline to call on Saturday for up-to-date training site details. This number will be found in the weekly emails.

I can't participate anymore; do I get a refund?
The Huntsman Heroes registration fee is non-refundable. After donations have been submitted to HCF either through your webpage or individually, HCF cannot refund any donations raised for cancer research.

How do I involve my cancer survivor or patient hero?
Most of our Huntsman Heroes run/walk/ride in honor or in memory of someone who has battled or is currently battling cancer. Feel free to invite him/her to the training site or team events and we’d love to dedicate a Saturday rider to him/her. Include your hero's photo and story in your email or letter to raise funds and include information about that person in your update emails. It's a great idea at the end of your event to send a follow-up email (even if you've already sent thank you notes) to your donors to update them on your event and how your hero is doing.

Can we raise funds as a team
Yes, however we do encourage each team member to raise his/her own funds as he/she is ultimately responsible for his/her individual commitment to the program.

Can I move money around?
Yes, but you will need to contact an HCF team member to do so at

What amount of the money I raise goes to cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute?
100% of all funds raised will go to support cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Do we get an official event T-shirt if we are a HH?
Being involved in the Huntsman Heroes program, you will get at team jersey plus the official race shirt of your race--usually in a performance-style fabric.

What is the Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF)?
HCF gives a Reason to Hope® to cancer patients and their families around the world. HCF is a non-profit organization dedicated to maximizing resources to support the research and patient education at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). We rely on the generosity of individuals, corporations, community groups, and other organizations to help us reach our fundraising goals. The Huntsman Cancer Foundation office is in Salt Lake City, Utah, minutes from the Huntsman Cancer Institute and Hospital. HCF's main responsibility is to raise much-needed funds for cancer research at HCI.

Doesn't the Huntsman family fund/own the entire Hospital and Institute?
No. HCI is part of the University of Utah and therefore is owned by the state of Utah. HCF receives generous funding from the Huntsman family, including the initial $300+ million to build and seed the Institute and Hospital. One family simply cannot do it alone. In order to sustain the great work of HCI, HCF seeks donations to advance cancer research, education, and treatment programs on an ongoing basis from the local, national, and global community whom we serve.

Is Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF) a registered charity?
Yes. HCF is a non-profit organization and has 501(c)3 status. HCF is a tax-exempt organization providing financial support to Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah.

How do events help HCI?
Events bring the mission of HCI to the community and allow the public to help. Golf tournaments, for example, often provide areas of gift giving for companies to participate as well as receive recognition in the media. Running and cycling events often charge a registration fee with a portion going to HCF. The Huntsman Heroes program fundraises additional dollars through asking friends and family to support cancer research in honor or in memory of someone they may know who is battling or has battled cancer. Events are a way that we can raise the level of awareness of the cancer cause in our community and leverage fun into opportunities to raise funds for the cause.

How do I start a team?
Simply select “Create a team” during the registration process. Choose a name for your team and you will automatically get a team fundraising webpage set up. Then all you have to do is tell friends, family, and co-workers about the program and have them sign up as a member of your team.

What does it mean to be a team captain?
As a team captain, you will check in with you team members to make sure they understand the program and their commitment, know about the fundraising minimum, the minimum deadline and encourage them to train and fundraise.

Where can I get more information about a potential diagnosis?
The Cancer Types and Topics section of our website is an online resource for patients and their families. You can also call our toll-free Cancer Information Line at 1-888-HCI-2100.