HCI's groundbreaking cancer research occurs in many areas - from the lab bench to the clinic to our community and beyond. Scientists pursuing these bold research ideas are engaged in a lifetime of learning that begins with training as a young student and continues throughout their career. As much as anything, training the next generation of cancer researchers is critical to reducing the heavy burden of a cancer diagnosis.

There are a wide variety of undergraduate, pre- and post-doctoral training opportunities available in the laboratories of Huntsman Cancer Institute members. These training opportunities encompass basic science discovery, clinical investigation and population-based studies. Our goals are to understand cancer from its beginnings, to use this knowledge to create new and better treatments, to implement these strategies to improve outcomes and to learn from our efforts across populations to continually minimize the burdens of cancer.

Trainees flourish in a collaborative and collegial, multidisciplinary research environment under the guidance of experienced mentors. 

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Huntsman Cancer Institute Expanding Access to Clinical Trials

All cancer treatments and medications that are used today, at one point, were clinical trials. Clinical trials can offer hope, particularly in a complex disease like cancer. But getting access to clinical trials can be difficult, especially if patients have to travel a long distance to a hospital that offers trials.

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Additions to healing garden at Huntsman Cancer Institute promote healing, peace of mind

When she was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Dr. Jan Byrne didn't know of any survivors of the disease. "It's a devastating disease — a silent killer," she said. "A lot of people don't make it." Byrne's cancer was found in the early stages, however, and after six months of chemotherapy and three major surgeries at Huntsman Cancer Institute, she survived. It's been six years.

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