Year after year, Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) makes major strides in cancer research even though funding for cancer research is on the decline across the country. Generous private donations to Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF)—the nonprofit organization that supports HCI exclusively—have made it possible for us to not only continue our groundbreaking research, but also build on it.

In 2013, we announced plans for a $105 million research expansion: The Primary Children’s and Families’ Cancer Research Center.

HCI building

“Our vision has always been to improve cancer outcomes for children and adults through innovative research,” said Jon M. Huntsman, HCI’s founder and principal benefactor. “To fulfill that dream, our world-class researchers need more space and equipment. Huntsman Cancer Institute’s research labs are at full capacity, yet patients all over the world are looking to us for new treatments to save their lives. This new addition will double our research space.”

More space means more researchers, more discoveries, more lives saved because of generous support from donors like you.

“This additional research space is absolutely essential to HCI’s mission to relieve the suffering of cancer patients through understanding cancer and bringing that understanding to bear in the development of new and better treatments,” Mary Beckerle, PhD, CEO and Director of HCI, said. “Building on our strong foundation of achievement in cancer genetics, risk assessment, and prevention, the new facility will allow us to expand in areas of critical need and will dramatically accelerate our progress.”

The new research center will capitalize on HCI successes in these areas:

  • Children’s cancer research: Expand programs in leukemia, sarcoma, and brain cancers to fight the leading disease killers of children.
  • Cancer genetics: Build on HCI’s major discoveries in cancer genetics to tailor diagnosis and therapy.
  • Cancer risk and prevention: Identify adults and children at high risk and intervene early for improved outcomes.
  • Advanced therapeutics: Accelerate drug discovery to develop new childhood and adult cancer treatments.
  • Molecular imaging: Advance cancer imaging to provide improved detection and treatment evaluation.
  • Cancer health disparities: Ensure all Utahns have access to cancer information and care.
  • Wellness and survivorship: Improve long-term quality of life for adult and pediatric cancer survivors.
  • Infrastructure: Establish an HCI Biotechnology Center with world-class resources for cancer research.

Thank you to all of the individuals, foundations, and corporations that made contributions to Huntsman Cancer Foundation to make this building and our lifesaving research possible.

2013 Annual Giving Report

2013 Cumulative Giving Report