In December 2011, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) named Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) a Center for Quantitative Imaging Excellence (CQIE). This honor is awarded to cancer facilities that demonstrate particular expertise in the field of advanced cancer-imaging technology (taking pictures of inside the body to look for cancer tissue). The honor is available only to NCI-Designated Cancer Centers; HCI is the only such center in the five-state Intermountain West. Once a center has earned CQIE certification, it is deemed "trial ready" and capable of conducting NCI-sponsored clinical trials that use advanced cancer-imaging technology.

Molecular Imaging Program team
Molecular Imaging Program team members include Paul Christian;
John M. Hoffman, MD; Regan Butterfield; and Britney Beardmore

Mary Beckerle, PhD, HCI's CEO and Director, credits John M. Hoffman, MD, Director of the Molecular Imaging Program at HCI and Professor of Radiology and Neurology at the University of Utah, for his work to obtain the NCI credential. Each approved CQIE center must be recertified annually.